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We are focused on providing every patient the best orthopaedic care available. A Tradition of Excellence in Orthopaedics is our mission, and is reflected in our fellowship training and medical education at Johns Hopkins, the number one hospital in the United States the last 20 years and counting.


An Outpatient “Fast Track” Knee Replacement is no compromise. It is a true state-of-the-art knee replacement. It’s simply a much better way to have it done. Almost all patients are up walking within a few hours of the surgery, and going home the same afternoon, or the following morning at the latest.


In 2014, Dr. Gautsch performed the first successful outpatient total knee replacement in Tennessee. It first took years of working towards it, and then building an Outpatient Surgery Center where it would be performed. To date, Dr. Gautsch and his team have performed more outpatient total knee replacements than anyone in all of Middle Tennessee.


A version of the special arthroscopic “multi-pass” suture repair technique Dr. Gautsch developed several years ago, has been tested in the research lab, and proved to be stronger than other standard repair methods.


This means faster, easier recovery than traditional shoulder repairs. Usually we need only a simple sling for the first few days (rather than the bulky pillow immobilizer for 6 weeks), and we’ve cut the average total therapy length almost in half. So, although shoulders still take longer than knees to fully recover, better technique plus stronger repair equals a faster rehab and return to function for most.


Patients’ full recovery and satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why our well-rounded team of experienced therapists work closely with our surgeons to ensure continuity of care and superior service for our patients and their families.


Our physical therapy program helps patients maximize their independence and ability to return to work, sports, and daily activity as soon and as safely as possible after injury or surgery. We also tailor each patient’s therapy to meet his or her specific needs, abilities, and goals. Our therapists educate patients as they guide them through therapy with proper technique, intensity, and safety.


Knee replacement surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am literally able to
walk again thanks to Dr. Gautsch and his staff.


-Anna K.


● Expert care of shoulder and knee problems
● Outpatient Knee and Shoulder replacement,
using a computer-assisted, minimally-invasive,
muscle sparing technique
● Shoulder arthroscopic Rotator Cuff and
Labral/Ligament Repairs
● Minimally-Invasive and Arthroscopic Joint Surgery

● Knee Arthroscopic ACL, Meniscus Cartilage, and
Other Knee Ligament Repairs and Reconstructions

● Expert OnSite Physical Therapy Programs –
physician-directed and supervised – in both Gallatin
and Portland

● …and home to Sumner County’s only Open MRI for
patient convenience

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